Tips needed to help with text in headers...

Hello all,

A while ago I tried to compile a document in Scrivener for Windows with a customized header that included the relevant scene title at the top of each page. I wanted to print my manuscript for some serious red pen work.

AmberV very kindly informed me in a post that this option isn’t yet available to Windows users.

So I took her advice (and my text) and set to work in Word 2013.

After some wrangling I managed to get W2013 to do what I required but I now need to repeat what turned out to be a very time consuming process.

I doubt I’m the only SfW user that requires this element at the moment so I wondered if anyone had any tips or tricks that I could do in SfW to make the wrestling with W2013 any easier whilst I await the inclusion of the <$subtitle> and/or <$sectiontitle> tags.

Fingers crossed,