Title and other metadata

I am completely confused by one aspect of the upgrade.
I have always used working titles in my work and then updated them as needed as the work proceeded.
In older versions of Scrivener there was a metadata tab which I could use to update a main title and a short title.
Now that has completely disappeared. The only metadata available is custom metadata.
I now want to update a working title on one of my projects and can’t find any information anywhere in the manual
so how do I do it?

When you compile the document, the first screen you see has three panes. Over the right pane are a number of icons (the exact number varies according to the compilation target) the second of which looks like a luggage label — click on that and you can fill in the project’s title / author etc.

By default they’re taken from the Project Title etc, but here you can choose them per compilation.

Click on the ? button to see how to use these titles in the Headers/Footer etc.