Title as run-in head

I’m not sure whether I’m having trouble with the " title as run-in head" compile option or I just don’t understand what it does. My understanding is that instead of this:

Title Text
Paragraph text.

I’d get this:

Title Text Paragraph text.

Am I wrong? If I’m right, then checking the " title as run-in head" box seems to do nothing for mr.

Are you referring to the appearance in the formatting preview area while editing the section layout? If so that won’t preview the run-in effect for technical reasons of keeping the individual elements distinctly separate. However you should be seeing the effect previewed in the layout tile, in compile overview, and of course when actually compiling.

[size=80]Run-in headings, as previewed in the Section Layout column of compile overview.[/size]

I do see the effect in the layout tile but not in the compiled document.

It’s difficult to tell with the just a print preview, but my guess would be you’ve thrown a Tab in after the title and the paragraph itself has no tab stops to the right of the point where the inserted title extends.

If that’s not it, it would be easier to use RTF so you can see what is going on in a word processor.

The section assignments and everything look correct to me.

I think I have the answer. I have my Chapters, Sections, and Subsections set up as folders. The folder itself contains no text, all of my text is entered into files that are in the folders.

In the compile settings a separator has to be defined between folders and files, and this must be causing the text to appear below the title (the folder supplies the title). If I put text straight into the folder, the run-in header works.

I suppose the only way around this is to have no separator between a folder and a file. Is this possible?

Ah I see, yes that would explain it. The option only offers to merge the title of a particular item with the initial paragraph text of that same item. It won’t run together different items entirely (and there is no way of doing that—it would be rather difficult to do so given how all of this works internally).

So the best ways of achieving this will be to find some approach that keeps these related bits of text together. That could be putting text into the folder. It could be using file groups, or assigning the layout with this style of heading to the text item itself within the folder. My personal preference would lean toward the latter approach—at a semantic level, if the heading is integral to the first paragraph, the heading is better associated with the text containing that paragraph. File groups would make it easier to perhaps handle this matter automatically however, as you can address them individually in the project’s settings, where Types are assigned to structure—applied to files directly, you’d to create a new type for them and most likely apply that type manually to each item that needs a run-in heading, if that makes sense.

Thanks for your help AmberV