Title Bar Flickering

Okay, so I’ve tried a few things to fix this and still it’s giving me a problem.

What’s going on is that when I open Scrivener with a project(or creating a new project) the Title Bar and Menu Options(File, Edit, View, Project, ect.) flicker on and off while I’m typing as though it’s saving a file. So, I thought, okay it must be backing up every so often. I turned off the back-up option and it still did it. I wouldn’t mind but it interrupts my typing and selection of other tools and has become rather annoying.

This is a new laptop; an HP Stream. I downloaded the Trial of Scrivener and put in my serial name and number and it registered it just fine.

I thought it was because I was using an external hard drive so I switched my files to a flash drive. I was still having a problem. Perused through FAQs and other topics but couldn’t find this one in particular. So, I also deactivated Scrivener on my other device and deleted the program from it in hopes that it would stop the problem on the HP.

Sadly, it didn’t help at all and I’m not sure what to do now. The Stream is kind of small so would it be considered a netbook? And if I needed the netbook version of Scrivener could I still use my serial number or will I need to buy a new product?

It’s a long shot, but you’re not running TeamViewer on your laptop are you? I’ve found it to cause that kind of behaviour in other programmes.

From what I understand, you turned off backups. Backups are zip archives of your project folder/file. Scrivener is usually set to save at 2 second intervals of in activity. So yeah, but t is still saving your project. What I do is set backups to 25 and add dates. Then Inchange the intervals to my own breathing room, say, save every 9 seconds of inactivity. Less demand on the system, but the way I work, every five minutes is straight typing, as much as I can to get it, then ding, take a sip of water or drink, light a cig (yes I’m out doors), and while I do that, it saves itself for me.

Strangest thought, but how fast are you typing? 66 wpm? Or tip tap you sank my thumbship! Slow typing, with a two second next letter seek time before typing that letter, would cause a save to occur. No offence meant to your skills, just trying to figure fire out what’s going on. But, as I suggest, try increasing the rate of auto save from 2 seconds to 5-15 seconds might help, and or not. But it’s a less demand on the system.

This is most likely due to something else on the computer, not Scrivener.

An Internet search (Google, etc.) on “windows title bar flicker” will turn up articles that will give a sense of likely causes (and associated fixes), which are unfortunately sometimes subtle and aggravating to pin down.

Auto-saving in Scrivener is reflected in the title bar, not the menu bar. When you make a change in the editor, an asterisk will appear in the title bar, at the end of the project name, until the next auto-save occurs. But no visible activity occurs on the menu bar, so auto-saving doesn’t seem related to what you are experiencing.

More likely causes, in no particular order…

  • Most likely caused by some other software installed on the machine. Review, determination, and removal of problematic or conflicting software is too involved to discuss here. There are numerous articles on the subject on the Internet. It generally involves reviewing the Programs and Features list in Control Panel and also using msconfig to review what stuff is being launched when Windows starts. The amount of bloatware pre-installed by manufacturers and malware that winds up on computers accessing the Internet can be significant. You may want to involve someone with some computer support experience in this.

  • The display driver for your computer may need to be updated. For computers with factory installed display chip or card, check the manufacturer’s web site for latest make/model specific drivers. Where one has a third party display card installed, may need to check the card manufacture (Nvidia, AMD, etc.) web site for such.

  • Scrivener is compatible with Windows 10. But telling Windows to run it in some compatibility mode might (or might not) be a way of sheltering it from something else problematic on the machine.
    laptopmag.com/articles/set-c … windows-10
    See “How to Run an App in Compatibility Mode” about halfway down in the article.

You may want to directly contact tech support for Scrivener, as discussed here…

Hope that is of some assistance.