Title footnote

I am editing a collection of poetry.
I decided to have each poem on a single file. Each file has a title which is the title of the poem. The text of the poem does not include the title.
Now, few times I need to have a footnote attached to the title of the poem, but I suppose there is no way to attach a footnote to a file title.
Any suggestion?
Thanks. Have a nice day.

Nope, there’s no way to attach a footnote to a file title.

You could attach a footnote to the very first character of the file itself.

You could place the title of the poem in the file, and then attach the footnote as normal.

Depending on the contents of the footnote, you might consider placing it somewhere else, too. For instance, poetry collections that I’ve read generally put copyright/previous publication information up front, with the copyright notice for the collection.