Title Format After Compile

I am having some difficulty as to how my title and sub-title (on the title page) appear after compile. I am viewing in MOBI

I would like the sub-title to be smaller. So far I have had no luck in accomplishing this. They are fine in Scrivener but not after compile. Do I have options or is the situation preset?


It’s hard to say without further detail into what process you are using. For instance, what is a sub-title, in terms of how the software functions? For instance, do you mean the Suffix field in the Formatting compile option pane, under “Section Layout”?

It is very likely something that can be adjusted however. There is very little in this program that is hard-coded, especially when it comes to the appearance of the output. There are, however, many limitations in what can be done with e-book formatting. These limitations are built into the format or the devices displaying them, and thus something we have no control over. However font size should be something you can adjust in most cases, sometimes in a limited fashion. Asking for a 36pt header on a Blackberry, for example, would be kind of silly—so there are limits in place.

Thanks for your response.

The title is to be “Tuatha De Danaan”. The subtitle is to be “A Knockreedy Short-Story”. It will appear under the title in a smaller font.

I put nothing in the Suffix field but maybe I should have. Not sure.

Is that enough info?


Sorry, I didn’t make myself clear, though the actual text of the title can sometimes be helpful if exotic characters are being used (there are still a few weird bugs with some Asian scripts for instance). What I need to know is what the subtitle is, technologically speaking. Where do you have that typed into the software? Is it on a title page somewhere, typed into the text? If so, do you have that title page set to “Compile As-Is”, in the Inspector?