Title formatting and Auto-indents

Hi all!

Thanks in advance for the help.

The two issues I am having (and I have been trying to fix, and though I HAD fixed):

  1. How do I sort the formatting so that the title of a folder acts as the title for the page? For example, if there is only one section of text in a folder. I tried renaming the page (text) and leaving it blank, but it kept reverting to the first sentence on the page, which then appears in the compile, like so (screenshot below).

I just want to have the chapter number, the chapter title, then the text, no subtitle.

  1. When I compile (to Word, .pdf etc), the process automatically indents titles and paragraphs, even after I painstakingly manually removed them. Help!! And apologies if this has already been discussed.


Okay! I figured out the indenting (deselect "Override text…) in the compiler… but I still can’r figure out the first question. Gah…