Title Page Address

I’ve been using Scrivener for a while, but I’ve always been bugged by my improperly formatted address on the title page. As I have recently moved, I also need to update my address. I’ve searched around, but have been unable to discern how I can alter the default address. Can someone provide me with the necessary steps to alter the title page template?

The template calls for your address information from the Mac’s Address Book, with each element having its own tag, e.g. <$template_city> grabs the “City” line from Address Book. (They’re all listed with descriptions under Help > Placeholder Tag List if you want to see.) If you create a new project from the template you want to alter and hold down the Option key while clicking “Choose”, the tags won’t be automatically filled in and you’ll see them on your title page. Just move these around as you want them and then choose File > Save As Template to make a customized copy of the template–you can’t alter or delete the built-in defaults, but you can just name yours something to show it’s your revised version. (You can also make any other adjustments to the project set up that you want before saving it as a new template, e.g. adding labels, changing icons in the binder, etc.)