title page appears twice in TOC, and cover missing

I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. My title page shows up twice in the table of contents after I compile for Kindle. I only have one title page that shows in the binder under “e-book”. But when I look at the compiled mobi version, there it is twice. Both links lead to blank pages when I click on them; the real title page comes immediately after the TOC and doesn’t seem to be linked anywhere. Also, it says “Title Page” at the top - how do I get rid of that? When I compile, on the “contents” screen, I’ve tried not selecting “title page”, but then it doesn’t appear at all.

Also, I have saved my cover in my scrivener document, and I can see it when I click on “cover” in the “e-book” folder in the binder. When I compile, I make sure to select it under “cover”. But when I look at the mobi version on my Kindle app on my Mac, it just shows the generic “My Name, My Great Novel” cover. However, when I open the book and page through it, there it is right before the TOC.

I’ve compiled other books before on Scrivener and have never had these problems. To the best of my knowledge, I’m not doing anything differently. Please help!

I’m having the same problem. It’s a chapter in my book. When I upload to kindle (compiling in Mobi) one of the chapters is repeated in the ToC. I’ve put the chapter in other locations in the ToC before compiling and it still shows up twice. Anyone know what’s going on?

I just found an answer to part of my problem. I discovered I had several empty lines at the bottom of my title page. When I deleted them, problem solved! Only one title page appeared in the TOC the next time I compiled, and there were no blank pages.

I hope that solves your problem too!

Thank you.
Interesting too. I just changed the name of the chapter and it worked???
Live and learn but not too sure any wiser …

In the first case, it kind of sounds like a stray page break problem, since you mention having empty lines that once removed solved the problem. Thing is I thought it was changed to basically ignore inline page breaks when compiling to an e-book format, given how they usually just get in the way and produce unintended results. Have you checked for updates lately? Maybe you’re on an old version of Scrivener.

On the second case, who knows, but my guess would be that you actually had the title typed in twice on accident, on a second line. It is possible to add multi-line titles to documents in Scrivener—you just only ever see the first line. So you might see:

Chapter 18

But it’s really:

Chapter 18Chapter 18

And it will print that way. My guess is that when you renamed it, you inadvertently deleted the second line as well.