Title Page- Editing the Header

I’ve read the manual and searched the forums about the page header. When I type over the text it exports funny. I’ve read several comments that you need to do it “right” but I can’t find any description on what the right way is.

I read something about scriv importing from address book (is this a specific program, something within scriv, or just an excel sheet titled “address book”) and auto populating your address. This is something I’d love to take advantage of, but there’s nothing in the manual. It would be really nice if there was an explanation about the header page and it’s features.

Finally, when I do get it to work (which is rare. I’ve been copy and pasting for existing word files) it creates a text box around the address and my word document gets a billion tabs along the pop. Is it supposed to do that? Is there anyway to stop change the settings so there won’t be a text box and /or tabs out the ying-yang?

Word offers a header feature where you can insert things like, date, time,and importance to me, page numbers. Is there a way to set up the header in scriv so that when it compiles I don’t have to go in and manually do it. While, it’s not a huge extra step, I find that after I’ve compiled, I have to go inside word editing several formatting issues which includes removing all the tabs. I love, love writing in scriv and I’m hoping somebody out there can give me a good explanation of how the header page works.