Title Page for screenplay

I understand Scrivener is not a full fledged screenwriting software but I think it is more than sufficient for most of the writers starting out. However one thing which I think is missing is support for Title page for screenplay. Is there any plan to support that in upcoming 2.0 version.



It depends what you mean.

If you want to print directly from Scrivener with a title page, you can already do that (just check out the scriptwriting or novel writing project templates to see how).

If you mean you want to be able to export to a program such as Final Draft with a title page intact, then 2.0’s FDX export will allow this.

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You could just add a title page as the first item in draft. Type it up as you would like it to appear when printed, and then just check the box labelled ‘Preserve Formatting’.

That’s what I tend to do with all my title pages.