Title Page Formatting?

Hi - new here!

I’m still just stumbling around Scrivener, but getting the hang of it, and finding it very valuable.

One simple question: how do you enter information on a project Title Page?

When the Title Page comes up on a new project, it has a bunch of formatting codes all over it, like:

<$template_city> . . .

I assumed those were like HTML tags, so I entered my relevant information between the open/close tag marks. But when I compile my draft, the title page shows the tags and dollar-signs along with my name and address. It looks ridiculous.

No other page templates have those symbols. What are they for, and what do I do with them?


Just replace those with your name, address, and etc. They are special codes that will one day be replaced when you create the project using the template—so ordinarily you would never see them. The project would just come up pre-configured with your info. This feature isn’t developed yet, so you get the raw codes instead.



I just downloaded this program a few days ago and am really excited to start using it.

However, I also have a title page question and wasn’t sure where to put it.
I opened the template set up as a novel. I think I kind of have the chapters and everything figured out, but when I compile it at the top of the title page it says:

                                                                  Chapter One

And then under that it has the title and author information I put it. Then, where my first chapter should be it says: Chapter Two

Am I missing something or is the template a little screwy?

The template might still be a little screwy. We aren’t wasting time incrementally upgrading them, and will just get them all up to spec and perfected in the final launch push. What you are witnessing here though is actually a bug. The template is fine—if you check the title page document in the Inspector (the meta-data panel on the left side of the window), you should see a checkmark beside “Compile As-Is”. That means this particular document should not inherit any formatting styles or titling as dictated by the compiler—it should just be published “as-is”. That’s what you want for a title page. Unfortunately in this particular beta build, the As-Is setting is broken so you end up with titles anyway, and that is why the title page is being treated as a chapter. It otherwise qualifies as one, based upon its type and placement in the hierarchy (that is all something that is set up in the compiler; you can tell it to treat a top-level folder as a Part or a Chapter (or nothing at all), based on how you set things up).

Okay - thank you very much for the information. :slight_smile:
Can’t wait till it comes out!!!