Title page position re: table of contents

When I compile to .mobi and then open in Kindle Previewer (or on my Nexus 7 or Kindle e-reader), I find that the table of contents precedes the title page. Is that proper? Shouldn’t that be reversed? Title page, then TOC?

I haven’t really looked into it too deeply, but I’m not aware of any clear standard on this in e-publishing. Since the ToC is often called up by a menu command (or more commonly in modern readers, by some software menu system using the meta-data rather than the HTML copy), it doesn’t really matter where it is. I’ve even seen some e-books put the ToC at the very end of the book! Since people interface with e-books using menus, primarily, rather than flipping through a physical stack of leaves, we don’t have to be quite as rigid in putting this here and that there.

Thank you, Amberv! I am inclined to agree that there does not seem to be an obvious e-book standard. Still, it would be more “book like” if the title preceded the TOC. :slight_smile:
Do you think the binder “structure” impacts this?

There is no way to impact this from the binder, currently. The ToC is inserted into the e-book file separately, with a special meta-data tag that makes it possible for reader software to call up the ToC from a menu function. So it exists outside of the normal stream. In the future we’ll have a way of designing your own ToC section as an item in the binder, and by virtue of that feature, you would be able to disable the automatically generated one, and thus put your own wherever you wanted to in the flow of the book.

Sounds great! Thanks again. :slight_smile: