Title Page template

How do you fill in the title page template fields? I’m kind of assuming that, when the product is purchased, the owner’s info will be in an accessible data base and get filled in automatically.

  1. Is that the case?

  2. Is there a temporary workaround?

Just type over the text currently there. That’s the way it will be (only more clearly indicated) for the 1.0 release; the variables that are there now were carried over from the Mac version of the template, which uses a built-in OS program to fill in the various fields. Ultimately Lee will probably have a way of allowing a user to enter the various data in the program so that these or similar variables can be used for templates and elsewhere, but that’s a future feature. For now we’ll just be updating the templates so that they don’t have vestiges of the other platform lingering.

And where are (or will be) all the “$” variables documented that will be supported in Scrivener for Windows V1.0?

I’ll double-check on that and get back to you. I think at the moment it’s only going to be the numbers, which are all under Edit>Insert>Auto-Numbering, and page numbers (<$p>).

Thank you! :smiley: