Title page trouble

I’ve formatted my entire manuscript for Kindle using Scrivener and have to say it simplified things considerably. However I have one remaining pesky issue that needs to be resolved before I can publish.

I did not use a predefined template. I placed my title on a blank page and adjusted it accordingly. I centered the title hit Enter (return) several times to position it on the center of the page. It looks fine in the program. When I compile I select as-is to ensure it stays the way I need I to (I’ve tried without as-is with the same end result). When I copy the mobi to my kindle to give it a good once over the title centered but at the top of the page.

I’ve deleted a recreated the page several times but nothing seems to anchor the title in the direct center of the page equidistant left and right, top and bottom.

Obviously, I must be doing something wrong. Could someone please tell me how or link me to the remedy for this problem - it is the sole remaining correction needed to upload my novel to Amazon.

Thanks in advance.

What type of Kindle are you viewing this on? I just ran a test compiling a demo title page of five empty lines followed by three centred lines of text, compiled as-is, and viewing that in all the various devices in the latest version of Kindle Previewer retains the page padding.

Just as a test, what happens if you add a space character to each of the empty lines?

And a quick check, you’re using version 1.5.7 of Scrivener? (Help > About Scrivener to verify this.)

I am running Scrivener 9 April 2013.

I’m using an older standard Kindle with a keypad. I’ve used the previewer and all looks good there. Its only when I transfer it to my Kindle manually that this issue presets itself.

The odd thing about this comes with the editing of my previous novel. I literally pasted the entire manuscript into Scrivener and separated the chapters. This title issue didn’t present itself when I compiled and looked at it on my Kindle. Weird.

I’ll try the spacing solution to see if that works. The other thing I’m poised to try is a copy and paste of a created title page from Word.

Thank you for responding. I’ll post back about my progress.

If you still have the other project that compiled with the spaces as you wanted it, I’d open that one up alongside your current, flip on Show Invisibles from the Formatting > Options menu and to a side-by-side comparison of the two pages and all the settings in compile. You could also then easily drag the title page of the earlier project to the binder of the new project to create a copy and see how it compiles from there.

I was wrong about the kindle previewer. I downloaded the latest program and the issue revealed itself.

I tried the spaces - no luck.

I opened my previous novel to see how that title page looked. The only difference between the title pages was the in justification. In my prereleased book the blank spaces were centered. In my previously released book they were left justified.

Believe it or not, I simply left justified each of those lines and now all is as it should be. The title page views correctly in both the previewer and on my kindle.


Thank you for your help.

Thanks for the update! I’ll make a note of that for the developer to check–seems like it should be fixable in the output from Scrivener to left-align blank lines if it’s causing issues, so we’ll see. Glad it’s working now!

EDIT: Hmm, spoke to soon. I in fact did try this with both left-aligned and centred empty lines, and tried again just now with the centred, and it’s working correctly, so there must be more to it than that. I’ll bulk up the sample file with some other pages and see what happens.

If it’s not a big inconvenience, would you be willing to send a zipped copy of your project with the problematic page to windows.support AT literatureandlatte DOT com? It can be a trimmed down version of the project if you want (use Save As first to make a copy, then delete documents from that copy), so long as the relevant page is showing the problem. That would help isolate the issue and see if we can fix it.

My apologies. I was pretty late when you last posted. I had already retired for the night.

Yes, I can email you the page/manuscript (its copyrighted material after all). If what I send can provide a quick and easy resolution for anyone else I’m glad to help.