Title page

Hello. When compiling I would like the body of my Title Page to stand alone, or in other words to exist without any of my manuscript existing on the same page. When I try to compile now, the body of the manuscript appears immediately following (that is, with only one line break) above the Title.

I had figured this out in Scrivener 2 but in 3 the new interface is causing me some trouble.


this is really incredibly frustrating. the entire layout is incredibly frustrating. and searching your site for an answer only results in answers that are overly complicated. there ought to be a very simple answer to the question: “How do I set my title page apart from the main body of the document?” How do I insert pages numbers? These things ought to be simple and intuitive. Ugh

Scrivener is a complicated, powerful tool. It does not have a quick learning curve. As a result, it can do a lot of things in many different ways. Having a set of simple answers to common questions would be nice, but those answers would be wrong for many people who are using Scrivener in different ways and would ultimately generate more support questions.

Sometimes, the right answer is “read the manual, play with it, ask specific questions on the features you are using, and figure out which approach works best for you.”

If you haven’t already, I’d suggest having a look at our upgrade guide for Scrivener 2 users, here:
literatureandlatte.com/scri … date-guide

The short answer to your question is that you put the Title Page in a separate document in the Binder, and then define a Section Layout that puts a page break after that document type.