Title "plate" rather than text?

I’m just starting on this long, complicated journey learning the Compile function. I get section types, but I’m not seeing an option to be able to add a page break between my chapter title and the text?

My formatting is different from traditional types, kind of a hybrid chapter/section where each “title” is nearly a page long with lots of text. I’m able to get a page break at the start of each one, but so far I can’t find a way to add that page break after the title, before the text starts. A single page break at a specific part of the formatting, as it were.

So basically:
The end of a previous chapter/section
(page break)
Title “page”
(page break)
The text sections of the chapter without page breaks between them.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks

Try going into the Separators pane of the compile format designer, and tick the Override separator after checkbox, and switching that to “Page Break”. That will in effect surround the heading page content with page breaks, in conjunction with the page break setting before the layout. Usually you’d use that for an “Act II” or “Book II” page, which tend to be on their own page.

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It worked! You’re my hero. Thank you.