Title shows up in upper case whatever I try to change in compile

I am trying to get the title to show up in lower case and using formatting to match the “table of contents” where it does it by default.

I am using the “table of contents” layout here to show the issue. When I compile it, this creates a section title with lower case honoured.

But when I try to make the settings the same anywhere else, I end up with capitalised SECTION TITLE, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why. Nothing I change fixes it. What am I missing?


Dear lord, this took a long time to find. I missed it when checking but this was the culprit, it was set to “Uppercase”. I hope this saves someone else the pain.


You are so right so many options hidden, but are logical when you finally found them. I have a whole Scrivener project just for learning scrivener, where I hide these tidbits of info.