<$title> tag not working


Working mainly on my iPad Pro 129 with Scrivener und iOS10, I’m running into the problem that the <$title> tag is NOT working in two ways:

A. Inserted into the document itself, I hoped that compilation would bring forth indeed the document’s title at the position of the variable. Instead, the placeholder tag “<$title>” itself stays there untouched.

B. I customized the compile settings in the Appearance editor, mainly to have each document start with a new page. This is working fine now. However should I dare to uncomment the # Level sections which had been inserted per default

If your project’s chapters are each in a single text file and you aren’t using chapter folders, remove the “#” from the next three lines.

#Text Titles:

Level 1: “Zyklus <$R:chapter><$title>”

Level 2: “CHAPTER <$W:chapter>\n<$title>”

2 mistakes will appears:
B1. The title will NOT be inserted. Instead, nothing will be inserted
B2. By uncommenting above 2 lines, my previous efforts:
Document Breaks:

  • Page Break Before Text Files
  • Page Break Before Folders
  • Line Break After Folders
    will become obsolete.

Carpe diem

As to the first point, for full placeholder tag handling during compile, you’ll need to use the Mac. We might broaden support for those in the future, but consider it mainly a compile feature.

On the second, the “level 1” line of your style there is missing an ‘n’ after the backslash. That might cause problems elsewhere in the .scomp file as well.

Otherwise, could you copy and paste the entire .scomp file that isn’t working as expected into a response, within a “code” block so that tabs or spaces can be seen?

Found the same. I plan to switch to Scrivener for IOS only, so please consider making all placeholder tags work there as well!

I don’t know how well that is going to work out for you, if you need Scrivener for compiling anything other than a very basic manuscript that is being handed off to others for production. The iOS version is by design much simpler in this area (and most others), with the compiler really aimed more at basic proofing/manuscript level output.