Titles are SINGLE SPACED when compile draft

I love you except for ONE THING. While the “Folder Titles Font” exports with a proper amount of line spacing, the OTHER two title-fonts (“Text Container Titles Font” and “Text Titles Font”) do not!

God, it looks AWFUL. You KNOW these titles need to be more than single spaced.


Hmm, perhaps you could post details on how to reproduce this, as per the “How to report bugs” instructions? I cannot reproduce this, and I’m pretty sure that if this was always the case, I’d be getting a lot more complaints. Mind you, the way Compile Draft works has been overhauled for the next update, so even if there is an issue here, it should be fixed for the next version (which is a free update). I would appreciate the steps to reproduce this problem, though.

I’m having the same issue. Titles for “Text Titles Font” are single spaced which jams the following text right up next to it. I am running latest version of Scriv on 10.5.6, MacBook 2.4 Ghz.

Right now, I just put a blank line in front of each document where I am going to include the title for printing. Not sure what clues I can give you, although it appears that it only does it on some of my Scriv files… ?