TITLES. having some titles appear but others not

Thank you for making Scrivener available for LInux users!
I need help in formatting a book to EPUB please.
I have a fiction book with frontmatter, 20+ chapters of story, then several sections of backmatter (about the author, more titles, excerpt from next book in series, etc).

As I understand it, to make sections appear in the ToC they need to appear as folder names and I click “title” on the folders when I compile to make them show. However, I don’t want the front and backmatter to each have a title (such as “copyright” or “more from the author”) and I don’t want these to format the same way that chapters do, where each chater starts a few pages down. BUT I do want these sections to appear as a ToC entry, which is why I have them in individual folders.

It seems that I can only make settings to apply universally to every section of the book in the same way, rather than customizing each section. Is there a way around this? I know that I can customize pages by clicking “as is” when I compile a document, but I can’t make the page padding different for different pages.

Thank you for your advice.