titles in cards

First, I would like to say that Scrivener is a wonderful program. I’ve been looking, testing and using many programs to write and Scrivener is a dream to work with.

That said, I will explain how I write to introduce my sugestion. First I write the beats of my characters. These are short sentences that describe how they evolve during the film. Next, I break these beats in documents inside a folder and start to reorganize them. My problem is that, at this point in the work, my “synopsis” is the title itself… and it dosen’t fit in the line on top of the card.

My sugestion is to have an option to let the title use the space for the synopsis. I think it can improve the natural flow of working where things develop one from the other. Sometimes the last thing I write is the synopsis!

English is not my first language, so I hope I could make myself understood.

and thanks again for this wonderful application.


Thanks for your kind words about Scrivener. Unfortunately, there is no way for the title to be substituted for the synopsis - this would be a core change to Scrivener and does not really fit into its design. However, you can make the cards bigger by changing how many cards you can view across - just go to View > Index Cards > Cards Across to change this setting.
Thanks and all the best,