Titles in Scrivenings - how?

I must have become blind …

I worked for a long time with the “Separate scrivenings with single-line breaks”. Now I have a situation where the standard behavior (line separator plus title) would be more useful – but I find myself lost in trying to resurrect these damned titles! It used to be View > Editor > Show titles in scrivenings, but this option has disappeared. Why? And where is it now?

Screenshot 2013-05-05 13.26.02.png

Please help. (I am using Scrivener for Mac version 2.4.1)

Please see Format -> Options -> Show Titles in Scrivenings

Thanks! Found it indeed! :smiley:

(BTW, the help file is not up to date in this point. I looked it up and became even more confused.)

For finding the menu item you’re after, nothing compares to the Help->Search field in most Mac apps, Scrivener included. By typing in “titles”, I’m immediately shown two menu items with that word in them. By arrowing down, I can select that menu item, and just hit to activate it. It also shows me where in the menu these items are located.