Titles in ToC


I’m trying to compile my book into a mobi file but can’t find a way to get just the chapters (folders) in the ToC and not the sub sections (the text files) in the ToC.

At the moment, I have, for example, Chapter 1 as the folder and then several text files underneath which I’ve deleted the text in the title bit so it says ‘Untitled document’. But every time I compile, it puts ‘Untitled Document’ in the ToC beneath the chapter headings. I’ve fiddled with the compile settings but can’t come across the right format settings.

PLEASE can someone put me out of my misery?!!!

In Compile, the Formatting pane, check which sections in the binder hight-lights when you click the different levels (1+ etc) and check/uncheck the Titles box for the levels you want/don’t want the titles of in the ToC.

This is driving me insane! I have all the title boxes unchecked apart from the folders and it’s still putting ‘Untitled Document’ in the ToC. Argh!!!

Uncheck the folders and choose the docs you want in the TOC

Is this the menu provided by your ebook reader, or the actual table of contents document?

The table of contents document is editable, see Section 23.2 of the Scrivener manual if you aren’t getting the results you want from the automatically generated one.

The ebook reader’s menu is not, as it’s entirely under the control of the reader software. Usually each page break will result in a new ToC entry.


Ah thanks. It’s actually both but I’ll refer to that section of the manual first. At least I know that the ebook reader’s menu is not alterable.