Titles of chapters missing in binder list

Okay, I do most of my writing on my Scrivener on my Mac. However, I do occasionally switch over to my Windows laptop for mobile/living room writing. I sync between the two using Dropbox, and am always careful to close on one computer before opening the other (to the point I had to call my husband once and walk him through his first experience with a Mac to close Scrivener when I was across town.)

This should be the most up-to-date version of Windows Scrivener, since I updated it last night. I loaded my Mac-created file, and while everything appears mostly intact, the chapter titles in the binder list are conspicuously missing. I’m attaching a screenshot with the affected area highlighted. Characters and places show fine, just the main novel’s titles.

Any thoughts on how to fix this? I haven’t checked to see if they’re affected on the mac yet.

It looks like the first title is huge–more than a single line long. The way the two platforms display it is a bit different, so you wouldn’t necessarily notice it on a Mac. Since you can see it in the index card on the corkboard (the very first card), try double-clicking into the title there, using Ctrl-A to select all, and then Ctrl-X to cut it. Give it a shorter title, then go into a document somewhere (create a new one if you want) and paste the material you cut from the title to see what it is and where it’s really supposed to go. It’s probably something you meant to paste into a document or summary at some point but misclicked and got into the title instead.

Well I’ll be a monkey’s aunt.That was the problem! Thanks so much for the speedy resolution. Somehow or another I pasted nearly the entire chapter itself as the title!

It’s functioning now. Thanks!

If it happens again, it might also be worth checking it out in the Outliner view, since you can resize those columns to large widths, and they should automatically expand to show any unusual depths.