Titles shortcuts ?


is there a way to define a style with a keyboard shortcut ? I would like to be able to create titles without being forced to use the mouse, but default shortcuts (ALT + number) doesn’t works on Windows for years.

Thanks for help

The easiest way to create titles, the technique Scrivener is adapted to, is to use the Binder titles during compile.

I don’t know what binders are and I am not sure it answer my question. I need to define fast styles when I write, and would like to avoid mouse. (I write in fullscreen view and I prefer using only my keyboard). Unfortunately, the Alt+number shortcut doesn’t works on scrivener.

The Binder is where you see all the subdocuments of your project. It’s a basic and central concept of Scrivener. It’s where you organize your project.
In Word you write titles in the text. In Scrivener you usually use the titles of the subdocuments in the Binder, and don’t have to bother about this while writing.
Styles are meant to be used in rare occasions for pieces of text with different formatting. Not like in Word where everything has a style.

I am not perfectly sure I follow you, but you should possibly bear in mind that shortcuts for styles do not work yet in Fullscreen mode while in normal mode they definitely do. To be precise, Alt+Shift+number.

Thank you for your answer. I understand better now. I use Scrivener in french and I am not familiar with the english terms.
As I write in full screen, I like to see the titles when I switch from a subdocument to another one (I write many docs at a same time).

Sorry for my english, I am not always very clear. I just tried the Alt+Shift+number and it doesn’t work in any mode.

Before you can apply any style to a paragraph by a shortcut you should set one to that style. Check Format > Style in Main Menu to know which Alt+Shift+Num combinations are set.

I use default styles and they are already defined :

Well, if you are not in Composition mode, and you put cursor in a paragraph and press some of the default shortcuts and nothing happens, I can only suppose that something in your Windows system is blocking some of the keys needed for it. Generally, the shortcuts for styles has been working effectively and quite reliably in the betas for more than a year.

(Hope you do not use NumPad or functional keys. ))

I tried both numpad & normal numbers (don’t know the name) and not the F numbers of course.

Maybe it’s because I use an Azerty keyboard and not Qwerty. The ALT + SHIFT keystroke is supposed to change the default typing language on Windows.

Well, I myself switch from Qwerty to some Cyrillic keyboard and back constantly, no problem with style shortcuts. I am not sure I could give any more practical advise here, but you should know that a lot of users have been testing the beta for a really long time, in different languages—it appears that your problem is rather connected with your system settings or a problem than with some Scrivener 3 beta bug. Hope you locate it soon. )

Azerty is not a virtual keyboard, but a specific layout (see this: AZERTY ) so it’s completely possible the problems OP expirience to originate from that.

I think the Alt+shift preface to style changes is hard-coded into Scrivener. It cannot be changed by the users (at least, so far).

However, win10 reports to me that the Left alt + Shift is indeed used as you describe. This does not give me any troubles in Scrivener, however (I use LeftAlt+Shift+[some number] all the time). If this is causing you troubles, you may wish to customize the the win10 shortcut key to something else, to see if it helps. And you might try Right Alt + shift if you have a right alt key.

Thanks for your answer. I tried both left and right Shift ALT, with no success. I will try to change the shortcuts.

I still have this problem… for years now

My guess, looking at a French keyboard, is that it may be that Shift on the row above the alphabet does not create symbols, but instead it creates numbers. It is the symbol that you type in without a shift?

I think it might be easiest to have a setting that lets you change which modifiers to use with numbers.

I have a very standard french Logitech keyboard.

Sorry, I’m not sure what that means. I can see pictures of both ways, one where the number is printed below the symbol and others where the number is above the symbol. And when I try to type using the French layout on my PC (which is physically an English-EU keyboard), if I press the key with “@ 2” on it, I get “@”, and with Shift I get “2”, which is upside down from what I’m used to.

So I am asking if that is standard. It is not clear.

Oh ok, on most french azerty (french) keyboards, the numbers are above the symbols. So you have to press SHIFT to access the numbers. Here are the keys :

NORMAL : & é " ’ ( - è _ ç à
With SHIFT : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0