To Buy or Not To Buy Scrivener 3

I have been using Scrivener exclusively on my iPad mini and my iPhone 6s for a long time now. That is because I have so much writing on the MacBook Air that it is just going to get in my way – I’ve kept it all for very useful reference (I just found the original of something I had deleted from my IPAD) but I don’t really want to look at it all the time. Also, I keep the laptop at home.

Is it worth it to buy Scrivener 3? Are there reasons I ought to buy Scrivener 3? Are there reasons not to buy it?

If I do buy Scrivener 3 and I start syncing between laptop, phone and IPAD, does anyone know if I would be able to start a brand new “place” on my computer for the stuff that I am working on now without involving all those old files I don’t want to look at all the time?

One final question: Is it easy to sync between the three devices? The answer is probably simple but I always get nervous about syncing:



Yes, go ahead and buy it. If you’re planning to sync you’ll need to create a new folder for any projects you want to sync, so the new writing can be segregated from the old that way. I have had no problems syncing three devices.

I never responded to this reply. I forgot all about the post.Thanks very much…

The trial is fully functional, so I advise you test it out for 30 days of use*. You’ll need to install the Dropbox software on your Mac to get access to the projects you’re syncing with your iDevices.

I’m not clear on where you’re seeing all those old files… on your iPad, or on your Mac? For de-cluttering your Mac, just move them somewhere in the Documents folder. You might create an “archived writing projects” folder or something like that, and place all inactive projects there. Just be sure to close scrivener first, and move them with the Finder.

Note that once you install the Dropbox app and set it up with your Dropbox username & password, the projects on your iDevices will sync to the dropbox folder. Only those files, in that folder, will sync, not all the other projects on your Mac.

[size=85]*Don’t leave it running for days on end if you’re not using it–the trial counts down the days that it’s running, so you can space that 30 days out indefinitely.[/size]

Thanks for the clarity. I’ve seen that, but haven’t felt settled enough to stop being wary. Thanks again…