To-Do Check Boxes next to Binder icons?

I appreciate the ability to Label a Scrivening as “To-Do” and “Done.” How about the option to reflect that “To-Do” status in the binder window? Give users an option to display status check boxes to the left of the icons?

In the meantime Penny… halfway down this page are some cool icons, courtesy of AndreasE, to achieve a similar result.


The trouble is that Status can be renamed and used for anything you want - you could rename it “Location” and instead of having “To Do”, “Done” etc instead have “Living Room”, “Kitchen” and “Garden” - there is no real way of associating particular icons with arbitrary words (unless the user could apply their own icons or characters, which involves a lot more set up). But yes, you could just apply the “Done” icon available from the custom icons menu.

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