To Do Lists

I have a suggestion, but I don’t know if its doable (I think I’ve seen something similar in Circus Ponies Notebook)

I’d like to be able to add a todo lines to the document notes.

This would be a paragraph that includes a checkbox, so you could have notes of stuff that you still need to do to the document.

Scrivener would also include a way to display all the todos from all the document notes in one view (possibly a search for all the todos would be fine), so you could see what was still outstanding for the whole manuscript.

Here’s how I’d do it:

  1. Add the word TODO next to each item.
  2. Do a project search for TODO, case-sensitive.
  3. Save search.
  4. Replace TODO with DONE when you’ve done it.

That’s a very good idea! Thanks!

Rayz, if your going to use Insignia’s excellent suggestion to use a particular prefix (i.e. TODO) to mark an item as a task, I thought I’d offer a prefix that I’ve found very useful: the letter “i” typed twice, followed by two spaces. For example…

ii Fix sandwich
ii Get beer from fridge
ii Repeat

I find it quick to type, easy to distinguish, and visually, very useful and less distracting than a word, or many other options. It will also work fine with the search-smart folder method suggested by Insignia.


ii is to personal. Try uu. Then ask your significant other to read the list.

uu fix sandwich
uu get beer
uu repeat
ii find new mate.

Hmm maybe ii is a better option.

I like to use annotations for this kind of thing, rather than notes. Then I can use the File/Export/Comments feature to dump them all out to a single file, and you can step through the entire project looking for them using the Find Annotation tool with the prefix entered into the filtering box. It also lets you put the “todo” right next to the text it refers to.

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That’s the one!

Thanks everybody!

As a Java developer, I can’t believe I didn’t think of this!