To IOS versions add way to tell on-screen keyboad to "go away"

On iPhone and iPad, when using Blue Tooth external keyboard, when writing/editing text in Scrivener, the IOS on-screen keyboard appears and takes up a large part of the screen. This is unnecessary because of the external keyboard. Put some sort of button on screen to tell Scrivener to tell IOS to tell the on-screen keyboard to “go-away and stay away I ask for it, or there is no external keyboard”.

Typically a keyboard has a button for toggling the appearance of the onscreen keyboard—and I don’t believe that’s a task that is ordinarily within the domain of the app. It’s probably not impossible, but toggling that is something better handled at the device level. You might search to see if there is help online for cases of the onscreen keyboard getting stuck with an external wired in.

This isn’t possible. Whether the software keyboard is shown or not is controlled entirely by Apple’s iOS code - there is no API that gives developers any way of controlling this. So even if I wanted to add such a button, there’s no way of doing it. (Apps have very little control over the keyboard at all - we get notified of when it is shown and hidden, and that’s about it.)

Sometimes I notice that the onscreen keyboard appears when I’m using my Smart Keyboard, and I get rid of it by disconnecting the Smart Keyboard and reconnecting again, so that’s worth trying.

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