to pay for mac and IOS?

I’ve just discoverd that Scriverner is available for my Iphone! Good news!

I’ve paid for Scrivener on Mac: do I have to pay another 20€ to get Scriverner on my Iphone?
I think that is quite “rude”…

Yes, Scrivener for iOS is a completely separate program and a completely separate license from Scrivener for Mac, just as Scrivener for Windows is.


Why rude? This isn’t a minimalist helper app. I can’t think of many heavy-duty productivity tools that have a free iOS version - if you look at Things, Omnifocus, Notebooks, mSecure and the like, they all have paid iOS versions that are around half the price of the desktop version. It seems entirely reasonable to me, given

a) all the hard work that has gone into this software, and

b) the fact that for many purposes you could actually use the iOS version by itself and never even bother with the desktop

ETA: Keith has explained elsewhere that the App Store doesn’t allow discount codes, so they either have to charge everyone or give it away for free. It’s really a no-brainer from a small business’s point of view.

Hi. In my experience, this is how developers do things as a rule. There are separate licenses and they are built for completely different platforms, so it makes sense to me that they would charge you for it. There are exceptions to this, of course (Microsoft Office, LastPass, ect.), but they are subscription models that tend to be connected in some way to cloud storage solutions.

Different product, platform and development effort. If you knew something of hell Keith and the team went through to bring this app to market, I don’t think you’d have asked that question unless you have an inflated sense of entitlement.

It does amuse me by how little the general population know about the business of software development. Indie developers are not Microsoft/Google/Adobe/Apple etc they can’t afford to give away years of work especially if their business model does not involve in-app purchases or selling your personal data to advertisers.

This is a reasonable price for a very good product if you look at some of the apps about they are light weights compared to this app. I have Mac and this and never expected it to be a freebie 8)

As other people said: there is no other company or product that does this either.
The system doesn’t allow it, but I also think they shouldn’t.
If you have Final Draft, it will cost you (without sales periods) 250 dollars for the desktop version, and 50 dollars for the iOS version.

This program was 5 years in development. I always expected it to be about the current price. I would have paid double considering the app does a LOT more then I thought it did when the talk of a new iOS version started a year or more ago.
It’s a steal for a great app.
And don’t forget: it’s a universal app. You pay it and you can load it on all your iOS devices (with the same iTunes account), so you don’t need to pay seperately for the iPhone or iPad.

Oh, and thank god it isn’t subscription based :slight_smile: I’m happy to pay and to own.

I have a Mac. I wonder why they don’t give me an iPhone for free. I paid a lot for that Mac. It’s the same company! Very rude.

Hear, hear! The finance app I’ve been using for a couple of years (with great results) has switched from paid software to a web app + subscription, much to the lamentation of long-time users. I’m not sure what I’ll do when the software no longer works with the latest operating systems, but they’ve basically lost me as a customer.

With the whole world moving to a subscription based payment system, I am greatfull that Lit and Lat is selling Scrivener at an affordable price. I bought the iOS version as well and would have payed more. Scrivener iOS is a fully functioning app and not a viewer. Expecting it for “free” feels “rude”.