to turn off 'new document' when hitting return

This mistake I make a lot of times: when i’m in the editor, I hit return, and I get a new document, though it wasn’t my intention. Of course, I try to change this bad habit, but it’s very hard to do :wink:
I wonder: is there any opportunity (maybe in ‘preferences’?) to make Scrivener not create a new document when I unintentionally hit return?
(I’ve been looking in the manual and also on this forum, but couldn’t find the answer, maybe I didn’t look very well?)


Yes, this option is in the “Navigation” pane of the Preferences (“Return key: creates new item in list, outline and corkboard views”).

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Thank you so much, Keith!
All the time it was right before my eyes in the preference pane, but I didn’t look well enough.
This solution will save me a lot of time!