TOC and Chapter numbers

There appear to be several threads discussing this, but I thought I’d start anew in order to ensure that I understand the answers/suggestions. Working with the Novel template with the intent of producing a .mobi or other e-book file…

  • I would like the Chapter numbers to appear in the TOC without having to identify each level 1 folder as Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc. This manual method means that, if you move or delete chapters, you must go through every affected folder and correct the numbers. :cry:
  • The text for the TOC is taken from the level 1 folder name, if a folder name was given. Correct?
  • What if I want to name my folder with something that identifies its content, like you would do with an index card heading line, instead of “Chapter 1” “Chapter 2” etc.? How would I use Scrivener to compile a TOC that did not use my text but, instead, displayed “Chapter?” (with the auto-generated chapter number).

Thanks for your patience and advice!