TOC and page breaks

I am working on a document sent by a friend and I am preparing it for Createspace. It is a poetry document. Unfortunately, each poem is not a separate document, but all the poems are in a single Libre Writer document with page breaks for each new poem. When I bring the doc into Scrivener, the page breaks are lost. Is there a simple way to restore this and create a TOC, or do I have to manually recreate the page breaks (200 pages)? If I understand correctly I must have individual docs for each poem in the binder to generate a TOC.

I’d recommend using Scrivener’s Import and Split command to split the file into sub-documents as you bring it in. See Section 11.1 in the Scrivener manual for more information.

Yes, Scrivener’s TOC functions are based on document titles, so you do need to split it up.

I’m not sure I understand why you are using Scrivener for this project, though. There are lots of programs – probably including LibreWriter – that are better at page layout than Scrivener is.