ToC format to top of page

I am compiling my first book to upload. I was able to create a ToC but cannot seem to figure out how to move the ToC info up onto the page instead of halfway down like a chapter heading. I’m sure it’s an easy fix. Thoughts? Thanks! DJ

This is done using Section Layouts in Compile. You’ll want to make sure your Table of Contents document has a different Section Type set in the Inspector (e.g. a “Table of Contents” type - you can set up Section Types in Project > Project Settings). Then in Compile, you’ll want to edit (or duplicate and edit) your Compile format and create a Section Layout that doesn’t push the text down. You can copy the chapter Section Layout and change the page padding to 0 in the “New Pages” settings area. Then apply the new Section Layout to your ToC section type using “Assign Section Layouts…” in the main Compile area.

(Apologies, this was written at the end of a long day, so is not as perhaps not as clear as it could be.)

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Thanks…that was clear and was a help. In the meantime I have hit another snag. In my first 10 compiles to pdf (just learning all the options to get it right) my TOC worked. Then, nothing but question marks. I erased the ToC and did it again. Nothing but ??? I get a clean ToC with correct formatting and spacing but no numbers now. My text isn’t out too far for the margins. I’m not sure what happened. Thanks. DJ