TOC has two headings after compile

When I compile, the TOC has a repeated title/heading.
I have selected the tic boxes for title and text. I’ve tried both, one of each, and neither, but the second title still shows up. How do i get rid of that second heading (Contents).

Kindle Previewer - repeated header title on TOC

With the Ebook File Type selected, two extra tabs appear above the right column in the Compile Overview window : Cover and ToC. The latter has a Title input box with the text “Contents” in it.
Remove that and try again.


Seeing as how the redundant title comes first, I would double-check to make sure your ebook reader isn’t inserting this as some kind of header. When looking at content issues like this, it’s always a good idea to have a clear picture of the ebook content itself, via a more direct tool like Sigil.

If it is the ebook reader doing it, you at least know it won’t be a problem for everyone, and for those whom it is, they’ll at least be used to it from every other book they read.