ToC help

When I compile my manuscript as an EBook, Scrivener is autogenerating a Table of Contents. I do have a ToC but I ensured the compile checkbox is unchecked. I can’t find where the Contents is coming from. The document that I do have (that is unchecked for compile) is titled “Table of Contents.”

Where is this “Contents” coming from? And how do I get it to only display 1 “contents” header. I even assigned all my text pages to NOT display the section title on the page during compile, but this contents header is still displayed.

That duplicate is not coming from your other TOC.

Search the forum, it has been discussed before.
I don’t quite remember what the fix was (I’m not currently at my computer), but I know that you could otherwise just ditch it using Sigil.

I was involved in the thread I am thinking of. (And so was @AmberV.) So perhaps search for “toc” + my name or AmberV’s in the “user” field (advanced search).