TOC - how to produce one?

Hi all,

I’m struggling with getting a TOC when compiling (in this instance - mobi).

I have the following compile settings:

No table of contents. I would expect to see the chapters and their subsections.

Am I missing something obvious.

Many thanks,


That’s not the way to create a TOC.

To create a TOC:
in the Binder, select the folders, the documents which you want to have for the TOC
then use Edtion / Special Copy / Copy as a TOC *
and finaly, in an existing document, or a new one that you create paste, and the TOC will be done

By the way I’m agree with you, this method has many inconvenients; and it should more powerful to be able to create an automatic TOC through the compile window, with a new column like Pg Break, As-Is, a special one for the TOC

* I hope that the words are correct, because I don’t work with an english version


Thanks for your advice. Much appreciated. The image below shows what is produced following the method described above:

Pretty poor - what are all the ‘?’ marks about. This is far too clunky to be useful. Pity.



That’s almost fine.
The ? means the page number; but there is some thing wrong.

You should have the page number’s code which is <$p>

To be sure my screen shots below
As you follow the steps you should have the same result

Then the pages’s number will appear after compile.