TOC: I can't find a solution


I finished a book 10 days ago. The book should be live in a store, but I have now a HUGE nightmare with TOC. After many, many, many times trying to solve this, I come here to ask for some advice.

I need to include in the TOC exactly what I WANT TO. Very simple. I have FOLDERS (chapters), and then SCENES/TEXTS. I need to use page breaks inside each chapter. It’s important in this book. Some images must appear alone in a page.

The problem? Each scene/text is considered as an element in my TOC. This is driving me CRAZY after many days trying to solve it.

I want only CHAPTER/FOLDER names in my TOC. Why can’t I choose this? Is there a way I still can’t figure out, maybe?

If the scene has no title, it will appear as “Untitled Document” in TOC. This is nonsense, I’m sorry.

I’ve seen similar topics in this forum. People say that TOC list considers page breaks. This does not make sense to me, and may make Scrivener useless to me – which would be very sad, because this software is amazing.

I should not get such a huge headache just because of a TOC. All the rest is perfect in the document…

Thank you.

Is it an ebook or something else?
You create TOC’s in different ways depending on the output.

Thank you for your reply.

It’s an ebook for Amazon.

The auto-generated table of contents is impossible to use. As I said, it adds all scenes/texts to my TOC, which is totally insane.

I know the tool to manually add a TOC (select desired items, use copy special for TOC, etc.). It’s useless too, because it does NOT appear in Kindle’s GO TO menu.

Scrivener is amazing, wonderful. My e-book is perfect. But I can’t send the book to Amazon just because of a SIMPLE and BASIC table of contents, which turns to be a total nightmare to me using Scrivener. There must be a secret that I still do not know. Scrivener is too god, too excellent to miss this thing for Kindle books. I should not loose so many time (many days) with this. I should be spending this energy with another book, not with a simple table of contents.

If you use the full version of Compile you can specify in Layout which parts that should have their Titles and/or text. Titles end up in the ToC.

Thank you for your reply.

That’s the problem. In Layout, I do NOT check “Titles” for scenes. I choose “Text” only. But all the titles appear in the TOC.

Many days later, I’m still trying to solve this. This is driving me crazy. :confused:

I tried with another book. I uninstalled Scrivener and re-installed it. The problem persists…

From what I understand of your description, there is no way around the behaviour you are describing. The problem is that while the HTML ToC, the one you can see when you flip through the e-book in a reader, is rather easy to change (it’s just an HTML file after all, like the chapter content, title page and most other things in the book), the internal ToC that describes how button presses should work for chapter navigation, and what is used to populate navigation menus, is an XML file. The only way to customise that is to edit the XML, and that step is easier done in a program designed to edit e-books, like Sigil or Calibre. You don’t even have to know XML to edit the ToC in those programs.