TOC in the back of the book

I feel like I must be missing something really obvious, (and if it’s a box you click I didn’t see I’m going to hang my head and mumble apologies), but how in the world do you move a Table of Contents to the back of the book when compiling for epub/mobi, instead of being at the front?

I know it can be done, because I’ve seen books by authors who highly recommend Scrivener with the TOC in the back, but I can’t figure it out!

Thank you.

Yes, it can be done because the ToC that you can page flip through (as opposed to any meta-data ToC that is used by the e-reader’s menu system) is just another HTML file in the stream of files used to display your book. Hence, you can move that file anywhere in the stream. At this time we do not have a built-in option for moving it around to a preferred location, so you will need to use an e-book editor like Sigil to make this kind of post-compile modification. If your end target is Mobi, that’s okay, just compile to ePub for Sigil, and then once you have polished off the book using that tool, simply open the .epub file using Kindle Previewer to automatically convert it to a Mobi file.