TOC is not working, giving me chapters AND scenes. Custom ToC not working either

I’m having a really hard time getting a TOC to work for an epub export. No matter what I try, I get unexpected/wrong results.

First I tried just generating the HTML TOC with the default “Contents” title. That gives me a TOC with EVERY SINGLE document in my manuscript - in other words, not only are the chapters linked, but the SCENES too, which of course I don’t want. You can see that in the last screenshot.

I tried selecting all the chapters and Copy Special > Copy Documents as ToC, naming my document in the Front Matter “Custom Contents” and pasting into that document, which is supposed to work. You can see that in the second screen shot - however, it seems Scrivener completely ignores this and just gives me the big list with all the scenes anyway.

I am not sure how to proceed, all I want is a simple TOC with the chapters and nothing else.

When you created the custom TOC, did you uncheck the “generate HTML contents” box?

Ah, I don’t recall - and I can try that. However, I chose a different section (one without a section break) and it seems that fixed the problem of adding sections to the ToC. I now get a list of just chapters.