TOC links don't work after compiling to Kindle

I recently bought the latest Scrivener update for Mac. When I compiled one of my books to Kindle format, I chose the option to “generate HTML table of contents”. I also selected “convert document links to HTML links”. However, when I look at the compiled ebook on my Kindle for Mac app, the links in the TOC don’t work. They look like links, but nothing happens when I click on them. This is especially strange, because I compiled another book in the same series the same way a few days ago, and the TOC works fine for that one. I opened both documents’ compile windows side by side, and as far as I can tell, I’ve selected all the same options for both of them. I’m at a loss to figure out why the more recent one doesn’t have workable links in the TOC. Any ideas?

Just a note: the “Convert document links to HTML links” option has no bearing on your Table of Contents. It only impacts document links within the text.

What kind of section layout do you have set for the ToC document? The assigned section layout should have a section break and no title.

Out of curiosity, do the links work if you open the .mobi file in Kindle Previewer instead of the Kindle App?

Yes, the links do work in the Kindle Previewer on the KDP site. I guess that’s something. They also work when I email the document to my actual Kindle.

I don’t have a section layout for the TOC, because I don’t actually have the TOC in a document. Since the chapters in this book don’t have titles, I just let Scrivener automatically generate a TOC for me.