ToC (not eBook) (RC14)

From looking at some other posts, it appears that generating a Table of Contents for non-eBook projects is broken, but since I am not a heavy Scrivener user, the problem could be mine. Here’s what happens.

The ToC document in the editor looks like this:

When I compile to PDF, I get this:

When I compile to DocX, I get this:

The ToC was created by selecting items in the Binder, then selecting Edit->Copy Special->Copy Documents as ToC.
Is it me, or is ToC creation badly broken?

It’s not you - it’s messed up here, too. (also RC14).

I’m generating a PDF and what I get in the editor is exactly like yours, which I assume to be correct at that point(?) Or should the page numbers be shown there instead of <$p>?

When I generate the PDF, I get a list of parts/chapters all left-justified like your second image (so you can’t tell what’s a ‘part’ and what’s a ‘chapter’), and the page numbers are all still listed as “<$p>”. Though the <$p>'s are correctly right-justified and the spaces between filled with dots. :confused: