TOC Not Working - Amazon Just Contacted Me!

Hi there!

I have a serious issue that Amazon just contacted me about:

When I compile the .MOBI of my book and set SCV to include a TOC (not in-text, but the TOC for use in the Kindle Reader - in the sidebar), all of the TOC links works except for the second one (that is, the one immediately after the cover - instead of going to the second page (or the first page, if you don’t include the cover as being a page), it shows me the cover. I can navigate using the up and down keys to get to the page, but not by clicking in the TOC.

Any thoughts?


[I’m using SCV 2.3.1 on a Mac running OSX 10.6.8]

This is a little difficult to troubleshoot without seeing the project. Could you please send the project (zipped up) to AT literatureandlatte DOT com for testing?

Thanks and all the best,

Thanks Keith! I just sent you the file.