TOC really doesn't works

Hi, every-tux-body!

So, as I said in title, I try to make TOC as in the manuel and I have this :

Perhaps I need another variable than <$p>?

Just to clarify one thing, the Scrivener user manual is typeset using the LaTeX document system, and its ToC is produced using a fairly stock call to the {\tableofcontents} macro (enclosed in a multicols environment with its indent model slightly tweaked to accommodate the narrower column width). It wouldn’t be possible to replicate that look precisely with Scrivener all by itself.

I know, but my issue is about page numbers in the ToC…

Oh I see, I was looking at the overall format, not the numbers. :slight_smile: Try putting it at the beginning of the book instead, the process isn’t designed to work backward from what I can tell.

Thanks, good idea, but it doesn’t work anymore… :open_mouth:

But it works for output to .doc and .rtf, but not to .pdf or .odt…

Okay, yes, I was going to suggest that you try RTF and make the PDF from a word processor. I’m not 100% on this, but it could be the simpler PDF generator (on Windows it is possible to use Microsoft Word if it is installed) has trouble with this feature. I did some tests and came up with similar results with PDF. I’m not sure why ODT would be different, but I’ll ask and see what is up with this feature and these other formats.

Thanks : I’ll working my DTP with OpenOffice.