toc reflecting changes

I just created a toc by copying my binder docs and using the “copy special” / copy documents as toc. This is fine and i get a toc with links.
If I change one of the docs in the binder pane ( like placing the doc in a new hierarchy, the toc doesn´t reflect the change. Isn´t the binder linked to the toc, and if not, how can I create this connection?

Kind regards from Martin

Hi Martin,

The table of contents is a static list, and it should be the last thing that you produce so that it reflects the latest state of your binder hierarchy and contents. It is not possible to add a dynamic list. You can read more about producing a table of contents in Chapter 23 of the user manual (available via Help > Scrivener Manual).

All the best,

Okay thx Astrid,
I will read the chapter you have proposed
and thx for the swift reply:-)