TOC Shenanigans

So I have Scrivener outputting my main Table of Contents just fine. I had to make my own folder / document combination and then tell Compile where to find it because I wanted the TOC in the back of the book, but that was fine after some reading and fiddling.

What I really want to do now is have both the full TOC in the back of the book and then also put a short one in the front that links to the book, full TOC, note from the author, etc… It’s easy enough to copy the various documents as links and then paste them into a page at the front, but while Scrivener displays things properly, it’s not compiled into a .mobi properly.

In Scrivener, I can see each of my links as actual links and even click on them to see their target in a popup (nice touch there), so I know they are proper links. But when I compile to a .mobi and then look at the resulting file in Kindle Previewer, the links to my cover (or front matter) and to my full TOC in the back don’t show up as links. I basically end up with:

Cover <-- not a link
Beginning of Book <-- link
Thank You For Reading <-- link
A Note From the Author <-- link
Full Table of Contents <-- not a link

But they all show up as links when viewed in Scrivener. Am I missing something?

Also, since I believe it will only become more popular in ebooks going forward, it would be really cool if there was just a checkbox to say, “put my TOC in the back of the book” or something instead of having to go through all the traditional steps. It was obviously useful enough that adding a “Generate HTML table of contents” became a single checkbox, but it’s always at the front of the book so far as I can tell. Unless I missed something else, which is entirely possible. :slight_smile:

TL;DR - The short question is: How can I link to the book cover and/or TOC in the back of the book? No matter what I try, I can’t make a link that is clickable to those in a .mobi file, even though they show up as links in Scrivener itself.