TOC support

The PDF TOC tools need more features:

  1. If you have a nested Binder and want a nested TOC, the formatting is a bitch.

  2. Copy as TOC and paste matching style doesn’t work correctly. The result is your font-size and face with unusually paragraph spacing. BUG!

  3. The eBook TOC tools could also be more robust as far as nested documents are concerned.

The ToC tool is mainly provided as a simple proofing aid or starting point, not something meant to complete with a tool designed to put together a final publishable copy of the document. That’s why we don’t pour months of development into it and are content with it roughly as it is.

On point two, that sounds expected to me (at least in the sense that there would rarely ever be a scenario where you’d want to do that in the first place): the ToC text has preformatted tab stops and indents applied to it for nesting, if you Paste and Match Style you’re blowing all of that way and using whatever stops the ruler is currently set to, which may be none at all, or in the wrong places are not enough of them, causing some tabs to jump to the next line. Perhaps if this is how you’ve been pasting all along, try the other way, it might address your desires for nesting to indents.

On point three I don’t know what you are looking for, but generally speaking you can have full control over the ToC page if you wish. Refer to §23.2, Contents in E-books, pg. 341 of the user manual PDF.