ToC Target in Doc file is wrong

I have 9 chapters with various subsections in each chapter. I select all chapters and subsections and copy as ToC, paste into the front-matter, and then export as .doc so as to get the correct hyperlinking.

Opening in the latest LibreOffice 5 has some of the ToC links correct, but others linking to other sections. If I go to the ToC in the doc file and edit the hyperlink I’m able to select from a list of possible “Target in Document”. This reveals that there are actually many duplicate targets within the doc file created by scrivener.

Let’s say I have sections called “SectionA”, “SectionB”, and “SectionC”. In the list of document targets I’ll see something like “SectionA”, “SectionB”, “SectionB1”, “SectionC”, “SectionC1”, etc.

The ToC rightly links to the non-duplicate but those links end-up at the wrong location in the document, whereas it’s the duplicate with the “1” extension on the target name that actually links to the correct place in the document.

How can I fix this so the scrivener file compiles correctly with no duplicate document targets, and links to the correct places? Why are there these duplicates that are creating issues? Has a scrivener file become corrupted somehow?

Forget it. Seems to be an issue with LibreOffice. Opening in MS Word Online seems to all work perfectly.

Just another reason in my list of reasons to hate LibreOffice for anything other than basic stuff. :imp: