TOC w/ subheadings

Can someone please assist me in getting subheadings to appear in my TOC. For example:

The Moon
– Stages
The Sun
–Center of The Universe


If anyone can get me a detailed explanation it would be greatly appreciated!!

You need to make sure that everything is selected that should appear in the ToC. So if you want these sub-sections to print their headings as well, make sure they are included in the selection. I find a really easy to way to make this selection is using the outliner. Click on Draft, switch to Outliner view with Cmd–3, and select everything with Cmd-A and hit the RightArrow key. Then just select everything again, and now you have your selection (if that included some things you don’t want, you can use Cmd-click to remove them selectively). Now use Edit/Copy Special/Copy Documents as ToC.

The result will be indented properly.